Unify sales and marketing to digitally transform your customer journey with Adobe Marketing Cloud

Get a 360-degree view of your customers

Create a unified customer profile by aggregating real-time data across Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Marketing Cloud, including online behaviour, device use, and advertising.

Deliver personalised experiences at every touchpoint

Engage audiences across every device and channel with rich, relevant, and personalised content delivered at the right moment and based on unified sales and marketing data.

Sell smarter

Identify high-value customers and optimise your sales and marketing interactions with artificial intelligence (AI). Maximise revenue opportunity with effective targeted campaigns and predictive recommendations.

Close deals faster

Shorten the time needed for document signing by using Adobe Sign with Dynamics 365 to send, track, and sign contracts. Records are automatically updated, and contracts are saved and sent to each party.

Tailor to your needs

Customise and adapt solutions to support unique industry and business needs by working with a global network of Microsoft and Adobe partners.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Overview

Learn how to get started with Adobe Marketing Cloud and Dynamics 365

Whether you want hands-on experience in a trial environment or a live demo by a solution expert, we’re here to help you explore and evaluate the Dynamics 365 applications that empower employees, engage customers, and optimise operations.