With our strategic focus on innovative thought leadership, coupled with the extreme agility of the Microsoft Dynamics platform and financial services industry best practices and knowledge, we’re able to deliver market leading technology solution that remain relevant and continue to service our customers’ needs in their competitive environments.

SIS Global financial services solution is based on AgileLending. Built within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology platform, AgileLending provides a scalable starting point for organisations to embark on their business transformation journey, enabling them to scale, change and adapt whilst continuing to build upon a solid platform.

The AgileLending solution is a culmination of intricate planning to address the loan servicing needs for several forms of specialisation with the financial services domain, where typical examples of such specialisation would include Term loan, Revolving credit and Retail credit providers, including Distressed Debt collectors.

Making Your Company More Efficient

Superior Performance

AgileLending is powerful enough to process millions of transactions a day and is device independent which allows you to run it on your favourite cellular device, tablet or laptop.

Code-Free Customisation

A key objective throughout the AgileLending design is to ensure that customers are enabled to configure any financial product without the need for material code intervention. This capability signals flexibility and breadth of functionality, which together with Microsoft’s proven secure technology and benchmark performance, makes AgileLending a truly enterprise grade solution.

Accurate Invoicing

An essential aspect of any business is accurate invoicing and to ensure the elimination of errors when filling in paperwork. If collectibles are missed, losses will invariably be incurred. AgileLending automates the data input process to avoid the inevitable mistakes made by manual invoicing.

Permission Based Mobile Access

Single data input from the browser or device links to the solution and is made available to authorised users, modules and processes, allowing users from a single workspace to access the information in a timely, efficient manner.

Save on Multiple Resources

AgileLending is fully integrated within Microsoft Dynamics 365. As a result, you will require minimal resources to manage the software. This causes a more cost-effective for small businesses than having to recruit staff for separate areas of the financials process.


AgileLending is industry agnostic and can process financial calculations across all industry verticals. The solution provides multi-jurisdiction support on one single platform. AgileLending supports different currencies and languages from around the world making it a fully global solution.

Complete Financial Transparency

AgileLending is an easy-to-use financial services software application which includes a user-friendly interface that offers you instant access to your essential information. With real-time reporting, businesses are fully supported by a wide range of tools that can calculate everything from asset management to cash flow forecasting, or even filing a VAT return.

Powerful Software for Accurate Reporting

Generate valuable and customizable reports that turn your data into visually elegant insights with powerful built-in business intelligence tools.

Continuous upgrades of technology to support current and future functional requirements

AgileLending is built on the Dynamics 365 platform, which is a world-renowned Microsoft product. This means that Microsoft are continuously updating and releasing new functionality, best practice workspaces and BI customisation to constantly keep your business abreast of your competitors.

Our Financial Services team is comprised of industry professionals with several years of exposure to the lending and leasing lifecycle within both B2C and B2B environments. This exposure provides important context when engaging our customers and partners, making us relatable and helping us truly appreciate the customers operating model to identify transformative opportunity.

• Spanning a period of 40+ years with a wealth of Microsoft Dynamics and industry expertise, evidenced with more than 400 project implementations worldwide.

• Committed to thought leadership and innovation, which combined with the extreme agility of Microsoft Dynamics, enables AgileLending Ltd to deliver market leading on-premise, cloud and hybrid technology solutions to the financial services industry.

We have a global presence, and through our strategic alliances we have access to specialists across 80 or so countries, making us a truly international organisation with availability and expertise to implement and support AgileLending solution globally.

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