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The SIS Global Education Solution improves and streamlines every operation and interaction in your institution. This starts with a student’s first thoughts about your institution through graduation and being an alumnus. Our solution is the most advanced enterprise resource planning solution available to the educational industry. A 100% browser based ERP that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, it automates the entire student life-cycle — integrating recruitment, admissions, registration, student billing, finances, student services and more into a single system that even includes built-in self-service portals, all operating   seamlessly.

The SIS Global Education Solution integrates all departments, faculty, students, alumni and other stakeholders. It enables everyone to benefit from readily available data shared in real-time, boosting efficiency and reducing the number of systems an institution maintains, all the while also eliminating redundant data.

Fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics, the SIS Global Education Solution provides extensive functionality to manage your academic institution.

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By segmenting markets, recruiters can gain keen insights into how students make college choices, thus targeting prospects most likely to select their institutions. At the same time, students have become equally selective and demanding consumers who filter their direct mail, email and banner ads while exploring websites and visiting colleges.

With the Recruitment module, you can manage the entire recruitment process from the prospect stage all the way through admissions. Whether your recruiters are on the road or in the office, they have instant access to active student information, and by automating administrative tasks, they can spend more time with prospects, turning them into applicants and admitted students.

The SIS Education solution improves the admission process by aligning institution admission policies with applicant information to ensure the best-fit students are selected. A fully integrated solution allows you to align applicant success rates with recruitment initiatives.
Standard workflow tools mean that the entire application-to-admission cycle can be managed within the system. Allowing you to define course specific criteria for automating application approval or rejection. Student’s applications can be routed for different approval processes to streamline admissions.
Further to this with the SIS Education solution, applicants can now apply online from the comfort of their own homes in just minutes.

Imagine providing unlimited Web access to students, faculty and staff to extend the capabilities of course management delivery while making all aspects of student administration — including flawless, easy online course delivery — fully accessible in real-time from any Web browser.

Our Course Management’s unmatched power breaks new ground in higher education administration. Our Learning Management System is fully integrated with the Student Information System to make the administration of online courses quick and easy while providing students immediate access to course registration. This isn’t just another overnight batch process, this is a 100% real-time integration that shares the same information as the rest of the system.

Students and instructors have full, immediate access to online course management for all classes in which they are enrolled or scheduled. They easily share course information and content, including documents, video lectures, online testing, grades, announcements, real-time rosters, forums, chat rooms, automatic course evaluations and much more.

As the hub for academic data, our Registration solution maintains key information about each institution’s classes and student’s interaction with them, including course offerings, registrations, transfer credit, grades and transcripts.
Because our registration solution uses a single shared database, users across the campus have immediate access to real-time, up-to-date data. As such, it automates regular recurring activities so that, for example, when a student registration is entered, billing is instantly updated, the Learning Management System (LMS) knows a new student has access to the course area, and the wait list is adjusted, saving your institution time and money. With its many built-in features, our solution allows colleges and universities to reclaim countless administrative hours.

Billing is incorporated in a single system sharing one relational database with admissions, financial aid, housing, parking and other student-services modules across one or several campuses.

All fee generating transactions can be performed securely and confidently. Regardless of fee type or transaction load, it allows administrators to integrate data effortlessly into the general ledger, reducing record keeping anxiety and preserving a complete audit trail for accountants. With an integrated Student Portal, students have access to real-time billing statements and online bill pay as well.

Navigating the complex waters of financial aid has never been easier than with the Financial Aid module. Its flexibility and automation makes financial aid processing quick and efficient. Our solution provides complete financial aid management, academic progress tracking, automated rule-based packaging as well as importing and reporting capabilities. The SIS Global Education Solution processes financial aid from the recruiting stages to enrollment. It monitors academic progress and handles disbursements and refunds efficiently.

In a social media world, students today take personalization for granted. Now you can, too. The Student Housing and Meals solution module handles many aspects of residence hall management by automating and personalizing housing assignments, billing, housing preferences, meal contracts, pricing and occupancy reports.

Our flexible architecture lets you match students based on compatibility, perform billing tasks that integrate fully with the student billing solution, and apply meal contracts separately or in conjunction with room assignments.

You can also record, track and report on disciplinary actions for students, staff, faculty and other campus visitors using the included Campus Incident functionality – helping you maintain a complete record of security incidents and infractions for your campus.

Now with the SIS Global Education Solution, you can compete at a new level. It’s Advancement module lets you to track unlimited constituents of any type, including individuals and organizations.

The solution gives you powerful, professional marketing tools. These include robust communications — on-the-fly e-mails or letter generation, letter and e-mail templates, scheduled e-mails, documents, calls, meetings and other tasks. It also maintains a complete history of all communications and notes. For fundraising, the Advancement module empowers to you manage unlimited campaigns, planned giving, and events. And with the alumni/friends portal, your constituents can even make online donations.

Mobile access to institutional resources is essential for today’s students who expect the latest information and easy-to-use services to be available 24/7. The SIS Global Education Solution provides mobile optimised, self-service access for all mobile devices. So whether you’re using an iPhone, Android smartphone, or tablet device, you’ll get access to information and services using real-time data.

With the Mobility functionality students can:

  • Review schedules.
  • Check grades.
  • See calendars.
  • Read announcements.
  • View their degree program progress.
  • Check bills.
  • Retrieve and update contact information.
  • View financial aid.
  • See housing information.
  • Review required textbooks.
  • Check attendance and more.

The SIS Global Education Solution empowers students, registrars and advisers with an excellent built-in degree audit system that tracks student progress and is automatically updated in real-time to show students what requirements they have completed and what remains to be achieved. Our solutions degree audit enables tracking of multiple programs for each student and even allows real-time degree “shopping” and “what-if” scenarios for students considering program changes.

Advisers can access degree audit via the faculty portal to evaluate a student’s transcript against the program assigned to the student. With an easy-to-use navigation bar, advisers simply select the student, the faculty member’s advisee list or a specific class to see who’s enrolled.

Degree audit programs display credits required for the degree and how many credits the student has completed toward that program.  A single click displays details about requirements, including their status, a list of each class, the grade earned for the class, the status of the class in relation to the evaluated program and the status of each group in the requirement.  A separate column displays the actual courses that satisfied the requirement.  These could be the actual course, a transfer, an equivalent or a mapped course. If options for listed classes are available, a formula link can be displayed as well.
A degree information link display is also available to show degree programs for the selected revision term. Advisers can quickly compare degree requirements among programs during advisement. Degree audit is also a powerful tool providing accurate information to help bring course offerings in line with students’ needs.

Identifying and intervening with at-risk students is a fundamental component of your student success strategy.

But how do you identify those students with a higher probability of failing academically or dropping out of school? It’s helpful to identify general populations or categories of students who may be at-risk, but real success comes through intervening with individual students.

Student Risk 360 enables you to identify and intervene with at-risk students while there’s still time to turn them around. And because our solution includes built-in Business Analytics, you can gain a historical view of the impact of your student success programs so that you can refine and improve them over time.

Embedded within the SIS Global Education Solution modules is a powerful tool for eliminating paper from your campus operations.

Document Tracking has been integrated into the system to provide an easy way to manage documents without the need for paper based files. Our Document Tracking capabilities enable easy distribution of image files and standard student forms. With just a click, staff members can attached documents to student records, eliminating wasteful mailings and pushing required documents through the portals for student completion and return. You can automate the collection of standard information and save paper and printing and mailing expenses, with our built-in document tracking.

The SIS Global Education Solution is integrated into Microsoft Dynamics for comprehensive financial management solutions.

From the general ledger to the executive dashboards, Microsoft Dynamics has been designed by financial specialists to comply fully with financial management standards and provide a wide range of productivity enhancing features. Dynamics offers a flexible chart of accounts to accommodate any business configuration, excellent reporting tools and outstanding drill-down capabilities for instant analysis of detailed transactions. The automated report and distribution processes reduce the time employees spend on administrative work, freeing them to analyse information and make informed, strategic decisions that drive your organisation forward. With the business portals you can provide your staff with role-tailored access to information and processes at the touch of a button.
The human resources functionality available with Dynamics complements the financial system, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to track, manage and report on all HR activities. From attracting and retaining top talent, to managing a wide range of employee information, you can access all the information you need to make key HR decisions quickly and efficiently.


Strategically manage your institution’s most important asset — your employees. Today’s Human Resources department is a vitally important strategic hub at many colleges and universities. That’s in part because higher education consumers these days expect their tuition monies to go farther as they adjust to tectonic shifts in economic and public policy conditions.

College and universities flourish when faculty and staff embrace changes that meet these challenges. But it all comes down to people and how the institution sets strategies and implements them in managing this most-important of all assets. Clearly, HR departments no longer “just” manage benefits and pay checks. But those and other vital functions still need constant, careful attention.

That’s where the SIS Global Education Solution comes in. Our solution is tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Human Resources software, a single, unified HR system that helps take the administrative complexities out of your day, freeing you up to focus on tomorrow.
With the SIS Global Education Solution and Microsoft Dynamics, your HR department can rest assured that all functions are always working smoothly and that reporting is a breeze. With these matters taken care of, you can focus more on the big picture strategies that help your institutions thrive.

Application Portal

The Application Portal helps institutions accept applications from prospective students anytime. Since the Application Portal is connected to one database, the data is automatically entered into the same database, eliminating the need for your staff to enter handwritten applications manually or transfer data from another system.
Using the Application Portal, students can:

  • Enter demographic, contact and parent/guardian information.
  • Choose programs of interest.
  • Show residency status.
  • Submit high school information, including graduation date, grade point average and rank.
  • Input detailed transfer college information.
  • Ask questions and print completed applications.
  • Pay application fees electronically

Student Portal

Provide 24/7 self-service access with the Student Portal

The Student Portal provides self-service functionality to your student base. Students can gain access to authorized data, increasing their understanding and reducing calls to your staff. Student Portal provides numerous benefits to your students and institution.

Students can:

  • View and update personal information.
  • Access full registration functions: register, add/drop, and registration sequences.
  • View and print all required departmental documents and stay on top of their current status.
  • Choose electronic advising – our integrated degree-audit functionality can control the registration process ensuring that students stay on track and register for appropriate courses.
  • Review housing assignments.
  • Access grades and transcripts.
  • View course information.
  • Opt for payment processing by credit card and other means on line.
  • View their degree program progress via our Degree Audit tracking.
  • Check financial aid data and status of awards.
  • View account status and account balance.
  • Access calendaring – a calendar centric approach keeps students informed of all academic and social events.
  • Communicate with others using email, chat rooms, instant messaging and more.

Faculty & Advisor Portal

Access necessary records 24/7 with the Faculty & Advisor Portal

With the Faculty & Advisor Portal, faculty and advisors can access necessary records online from unlimited locations. Because the portal is not browser specific, your staff is not restricted to one platform. Access to student advising, degree audit, attendance, grade entry and more create independence for your faculty, increasing efficiency and effectiveness in administrative processes.

With this portal, faculty can:

  • Access the student success modules Degree Audit and Student Risk 360.
  • View and update personal information.
  • Advise and register assigned students.
  • Print class rosters.
  • Enter grades.
  • Track attendance.
  • Access student and faculty directories.
  • Send emails to students.
  • Maintain office hours.

Alumni Portal

Build relationships with alumni and friends with the Alumni Portal

The Alumni Portal is fully integrated with the Advancement Module in our solution. Donors and alumni can securely access and maintain their personal information, make donations online and view a giving history. Alumni can stay connected with fellow graduates through the online directories. Institutions are able to maximize their development efforts by offering easy tools for constituents to access information and contribute at their convenience 24/7.

Additional features allows alumni to:

  • Receive donations online.
  • Monitor and pay pledges.
  • Check giving totals.
  • View hard and soft credits.
  • Search the alumni directory.
  • Contact fellow graduates easily.
  • Update personal information.

Forum Portal

Build a strong community with the Forum Portal

The Forum Portal provides highly configurable tools for communication and collaboration with any group of people on or off-campus — prospective students, staff members, guests, faculty, administrators, students, alumni and more. With discussion forums, live chat and private message capabilities, the Forum Portal supports discussion in any language, which is exceptionally useful as campuses become increasingly global and students can be anywhere in the world. Students and faculty can switch between languages and character sets as needed to communicate complex ideas, even within the same message.

Highlights of the portal include:

  • Unlimited discussion forums for classes, administrative projects and public groups.
  • Live chat tools for instant communications.
  • Enhanced support for surveys and polls.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Support for symbols widely used in scientific and mathematical expressions