Easy set-up and integration

Anytime, anywhere access

Intuitive user experience

Flexible and extensible platform

Predictive insights and analytics

Empower managers and employees with Dynamics 365 for Talent: Core HR

Foster self-service and collaboration
Enable managers to initiate change—such as requesting employee transitions—without requiring intervention from human resources. Reduce administrative tasks to free up time for more strategic initiatives.

Increase retention with career paths
Encourage employees to proactively promote their careers with universal profiles that showcase their skills, and a personalised portal that aligns their competencies with career goals and opportunities.

Elevate performance and feedback
Give managers the ability to build high-performance teams. Provide real-time data about their organisation, track accomplishments, identify issues, and take immediate action to optimise team impact.

Drive human resource excellence

Streamline processes
Reduce paperwork and reporting complexities, improve accuracy, and minimise compliance risk by driving the right action by the right employee through automated tasks and configurable processes.

Make sound decisions based on analysis
Optimise workforce costs, improve planning, and drive more informed, faster decisions with embedded analytics. Build cost-effective programmes that you can track and analyse.

Personalise your solution
Manage past, present, and future employee data through an intuitive and customisable interface. Add or hide fields and change the layout to meet your needs, and then share your changes with others.

Strengthen your core HR programmes

Redefine benefits administration
Manage open enrolment by sharing streamlined guides across the organisation. Adjust benefits along the way and publish updated guidelines when needed. Improve provider relations and reduce the risk of errors by using a common integration framework.

Improve compensation management
Create meaningful compensation recommendations based on defined guidelines. Adjust compensation individually or in mass and ensure process accuracy by testing in a sandbox environment prior to approval and publishing.

Simplify leave and absence reporting
Define leave and absence guidelines, including flexible dates and carry-forward rules. Provide easy, straight forward entry with optional calendar support. Increase efficiency with entry and approval delegation.

Improve collaboration and share insights with Dynamics 365 for Talent: Core HR

Deliver HR impact from anywhere, anytime, on any device
Improve communication, collaboration, and responsiveness with secure access to employee data—including rich dashboards—from any device.

Centralise data
Enable integration of Dynamics 365 Talent, partner applications, and your existing systems through a common data platform.

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