To Qualify your business needs to be using ANY ONE of the following Microsoft Dynamics Solutions:

(There are no restrictions on the version)

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You must not already be an existing customer of SIS Global Ltd

Our support office provides access to:
Keeping your Microsoft Dynamics system running is critical to your business, we won’t let you down.

SIS Global has an impressive Support Services team with extensive experience at supporting and optimizing Microsoft Dynamics systems. Straight away we can make a positive impact on your business, your people and your systems whilst at the same time be improving your support service, help to increase better user adoption and system understanding and transitioning your current support contract to SIS Global, all without causing any disruption to your business.

As standard, you will immediately benefit from:
  • 12 Month FREE Support Contract

  • Full Onboarding of Support Environment

  • Remote Quarterly Support Review

  • Support Calls

  • Remote Technical Account Management

  • Online Support Logging

  • Qualify for reduced development fees

  • Qualify for reduced consultancy fees

  • Online Training

Additional Services (Optional):
  • Azure Management Services

  • Full Managed Services

  • Infrastructure Services

  • Making Tax Digital

  • Bespoke Training

  • Project Management

  • Resourcing – Interim Professionals

  • System Upgrades

Extending Services

We have a good understanding of other 3rd party complimentary products and can support related issues to an advanced technical level with those we are associated with. Strong relationships with our 3rd party partners ensure we can work with them effectively to resolve more complex problems.

We’re global and connected with our customers

With offices and employees around the world, we are truly a global organisation and with today’s technology and the all-encompassing cloud, physical barriers are broken down, allowing us to be wherever, whenever, for all our clients’ needs. We are confident delivering in a virtual environment, our approach and methodologies have been proven over and over.

Get in touch now to explore and enquire more about free Microsoft Dynamics support for your business.

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