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A broad solutions offering, born from the needs within the automotive dealership sector, this solution has grown to manage not only automotive dealerships, but importers and manufacturers of vehicles (and equipment such as earth moving machines), the Fleet Management industry, and Rental Management.


Dealership ManagementImporter ManagementManufacturingFleet ManagementRental Management

A user-friendly visual interface to configure vehicles/machines with options and accessories.
Multi-brand handling.
Use of specific interfaces to communicate and share information with importers.
A new/used vehicle/machine sales function that includes trade-in valuation, sales and purchase process as an integral part of the new/used vehicle sales function.
Extensive service and maintenance packages to improve levels of aftersales service. These include maintenance scheduling and maintenance plans, resource planning, reviewing the service history of vehicles/machines and a claim handling system that´s integrated to service cases.

Vehicle forecast and purchase processes
Dealer web access
Spare parts purchase and sales process – with integrated returns

Centralized product and service management across the organization, including bill of materials (discrete manufacturing), formulas (process manufacturing) and variant and configurable products.
Product release management for individual entities within the system
Ability to configure products using the built-in product configurator
Supports assembly of vehicles/machinery where components are shipped from manufacturer (completely knocked down products)
Closely integrated to inventory management, master planning and quality management
Supports green manufacturing and assembly, monitoring materials waste, water consumption, energy usage, carbon footprint and other related costs.

Fleet contract handling – multiple contracts integrated into a single collection / monthly invoice
Keep track of service and maintenance contracts
Tracking of all transactions against the vehicle/Device

An advanced rental asset classification and search
A clear overview of the availability of rental devices and straightforward procedures for creating Rental orders or Rental quotations
Straightforward processes on setting up allocations and the rental of accessories and consumables with the device
Set up of Rental charges for periodic invoicing and usage related charges
Set up rental collection rules collection rules for periodic invoicing.
Delivery and return inspection process
Enables transfer between locations

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