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consulting services

With more than 100 years of combined experience in the SIS Global Central Solutions Team alone, it only makes sense for us to share our wealth of knowledge and experience with our customers. We provide focused business consulting services that help you make the right technology decisions, and solve complex software problems through our expert advice.

We understand business. We understand that businesses change, and that a software implementation is best conducted when your company has solid, clear and well-defined processes. With our vast experience across multiple industries, software applications and environments, we are well placed to help you with best practice, strategy and focus for your business.

The pace at which technology and innovation has been evolving makes it difficult for companies to keep track of the vast array of solutions available to the modern business. At SIS Global we have a dedicated team of experts who research what’s available out there and we proactively align ourselves with the best the market has to offer. Our extensive network of both local and international partners gives us an unprecedented ability to offer end-to-end solutions tailored to your individual business needs.

Our culture of being open and conducting frank discussions with our customers means that we will give you the true picture. We have your best interests at heart and pride ourselves on developing long lasting relationships built on trust and a common goal, which is why we have been engaged by a number of high profile local and international companies to help them solve complex software problems.