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Maritime Solutions for Ports and Shipping is an incredibly vast solution offering taking into account the requirements of all parties concerned in the operations of Ports and Vessels. SIS Global has a significant and deep understanding of the needs of the maritime industry, with specialist maritime consultants and a proven track record of providing complete end-to-end Tranport and Logistics solutions to this industry.

In our maritime logistics solution we look at activities as perspectives, which can be defined as a point of view towards processes, data and functionality. It is possible to setup each entity as the same, a different or even as a mixed perspective. The idea here is that many times the solution handles the same data, but from a different perspective and that data because of that can flow through the application from entity to entity. Many possible situations can be considered:

  • the booking from a forwarder towards a liner agent
  • the booking of the liner agent towards a principal
  • the booking data of a vessel operator flowing through an owned and self-operated terminal
  • the creation of bookings from multiple entities on one vessel / voyage

In a single perspective situation processes are clear and a single best of breed solution could handle this perfectly. However, in complexer situations best of breed solutions can no longer solve the case by itself.  We see more and more operational software islands, different vendors, complexer interfaces, data warehousing solutions etcetera.

SIS Global presents a Maritime and Logistics Solution that is delivered as one integrated package to span multiple entities, perspectives, activities and processes. This means that all perspectives will be available to the customer, whether for use within one or multiple entities and eliminating the need for one or multiple best of breed solutions. Because of this almost any supply chain scenario, from origin to destination, or from factory to grocery, can be handled.


PortsTerminal & StevedoresPort CallIntermodal Freight TransportLiner & Port AgentsContainer ManagementProperty ManagementResource HandlingWarehouse ManagementServices & FeesIntegrated Customs Solution

Full & thorough integration of finance & operations
Vessel traffic & activity management
Vessel & berth schedule management
Customer release management
Status awareness & conflict identification
Services including resource planning & time management
Calculation & invoicing of fees
Efficient communication with customers through EDI, XML or Web Portals
Control & invoicing of leased properties & areas
Handling of cargo & container management
Terminal management
Documentation & email management
Full integration with the SIS Global Ship Management & Logistic Management Solutions, powered by FlexShip & Ultimate Shipping Solutions

Full & thorough integration of finance & operations
Multi-cargo terminal management
Rate agreement management
Cargo release management
Services including resource planning & time management
Calculation & invoicing of fees
Vessel & berth schedule management
Status awareness & conflict identification
Documentation management
Multi-line & multi-service activities are supported
One fully integrated all in one system
Flexibility to meet your unique needs under changing circumstances and requirements
Use of workflow approvals
A software toolbox is available, integrated within Dynamics AX

Information is only entered in once & then reused
Single or multiple invoices are generated by a single keystroke
Documents are created on a predefined Microsoft Word templates
Email messaging
Project follow-up at any given time
Base data
Services & duty management
Invoice management
Document management
Web registration
Resource management

Transportation disposition
Service sets
Intermodal services
Vendor contract management
Booking management
Port call management
Round trip management
Resource management

Operations, sailing schedules & calculations
Quotations & SRR / contract registration
Vendor contract management
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Bookings, documentation & invoicing management
Container control (CMC) management
Intermodal transportation management
Distribution & supply chain management
Project finance & forecasting

Manage & track container moves
Easy set-up of desired status codes
Register multiple containers automatically
Automatically relates container number to booking
Gate in/ out functionality
Easy inventory control
Container management for liners, depots & terminal

Fully integrated with other port functionality such as services, duties, calls & projects etc.
Easy follow up on costs & revenue
Easy budgeting on tasks
Invoicing can be done in a single key stroke
Control & manage building & area leases
Manage leases & subleases
Automatic rent calculation
Security management
Resource management
Contract management
Service management

Flexible management of resources
Real-time insight
Improved performance with flexible job templates
Monitor job costs with ease
Creation of services (job orders)
Job route complexity
Gantt charts

Warehouse management
Booking management
Inventory movement
Inventory location
Inventory insight
Warehouse layout optimisation
Inventory rent
Invoice management
Advanced on-hand tracking
Serial & batch number control
Warehouse locations
Placement & storage
Barcode support

Manage, calculate & invoice fees & services
More than 100 calculation methods ro calculate cost & revenue
Templates to calculate complete jobs
Unlimited amount of individual resources can be attached to services
Single or multiple invoices are generated by a single keystroke
Trade agreements
Easy to use price overview
Order creation
Resource handling

Integrated solution
Industry leading software
Confirmation & approval
Accompanying document
ICS implementation deadlines