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SIS Global provides solutions that automate and integrate distinct portions of the business process for international freight intermediaries and large companies handling global cargo internally. Air, Ocean, Rail and Trucking transportation modes are supported. The solutions are transaction engines and decision support systems for processing and controlling quotation, documentation, communication, compliance, customer service, accounting, management and reporting responsibilities.

Typical candidates for our solution include international freight forwarders, 3 PL’s, NVOCC’s, container freight and exam stations, and large importers, distributors and manufacturers.

Clients deploy only the modules appropriate for their business benefiting from right sized functionality and configured according to their specific requirements.


Import Ocean & Trucking Export Ocean, Air & TruckingProject Forwarding Warehouse CFS & Bonded3PLTrans-LoadingYardHarbour TruckingExamsTradingLoad PlanningRate ManagementEvent ManagementWeb Booking & Tracking

Quickly and precisely control imports with advanced real time functionality. Leverage EDI vendor status updates to effectively manage and eliminate demurrage and per-diem costs

All export cargo operations are deeply automated and tracked allowing you to better manage customer relationships. Export tasks are executed faster and more accurately by electronically transmitting Bookings, Airway Bills and MBL Instructions

Manage shipments in all modes, monitor specialized services like heavy haul, lift and place, process detailed freight documentation and reconcile to project critical path.

Consolidate and/or de-van cargo efficiently while optimizing your warehouse space. Increase warehouse turn capacity by reducing communication obstacles and allowing warehouse personnel, traffic staff and customers access to real time information on all shipments.

Specialize in your customer’s business with superior, adaptable inventory management. Handle vertical market requirements (e.g. hazmat, perishables, fashion, etc.) with confidence so the customers of your clients can leverage your technology to achieve just in time inventory.

Quote, schedule, process and report in real time on freight loads. Offer real time visibility to customers on load status and location.

Track movement, location and storage of all equipment and drivers in your yard and integrate it with all of the other services you provide. Improve reefer management with climate and equipment automatically monitored. Send in and out gate information electronically to carriers and other stakeholders to manage per-diem costs.

Control your trucks, chassis, and drivers, manage your per-diem and demurrage costs, and provide your customers with real-time information and electronic PODs.

Full business process automation for a Container Exam Station including event and status management with visibility tools for customs brokers and CBP.

We have automated the entire business process for International Purchasing Agents from receiving a request for quote to issuing multiple RFQs and POs to your vendors and keeping a detailed history of all purchases and quote requests in addition to tracking precise profit figures on all files.

Optimize truck loads, container loads, air container loads and warehouse space with sophisticated load planning algorithms consider multiple parameters such as hazardous material combination,top-loading, bottom loading, nested cargo and other restraints.

Eliminate the wasted time, errors and tedium of mining operational data with spreadsheets. Carrier and customer tariffs are managed with your spreadsheet templates and populated with data by the system.

Predictability in the supply chain depends on real time location of freight. Enjoy the power of superior information without picking up the phone or sending an email.

Keep customers and trading partners informed. Provide them with a comprehensive resource that keeps a detailed history of the booking and shipment process and displays real-time booking, shipment and business process events.