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PAYSIS Payroll Solutions

PAYSIS Payroll Solutions

Help reduce administrative costs, save time, and manage employee information effectively with a flexible in-house payroll system. PAYSIS solution for the dynamic business can help manage all your payroll functions in one integrated system.

Streamline your processes, provide insight into personnel costs, and improve payroll accuracy; even when dealing with exceptions and complex workforce challenges.

PAYSIS integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions and caters for time entry, complex calculations for benefits and deductions, last-minute adjustments, and can be customised to fit your unique business processes.

With customized benefits and deductions and support for multiple jobs and pay bases, PAYSIS can help you reduce complexity, avoid errors, and simplify your record keeping.

Flexible user defined rules make it easy to adapt your processes to an ever changing workforce.


Manage Data with Agile EfficiencySimplify Regulatory ComplianceHelp Protect Confidential DataGain flexible budgeting and reportingGlobal View of ResourcesDate DrivenComprehensive CalculationsMultidimensional Pay CodesTransaction BasedWizard DrivenEffective DatesMultiple Positions

Make changes quickly and help reduce the number of manual touches to payroll information, such as extracting data to spread sheets or reformatting data for a third-party system.

Help reduce the time and effort required to comply with reporting and tax regulations.
Easily make electronic filings, payments, and updates.

Control access and editing rights to payroll information and help ensure that data does not reach unsecured desktops (a best practice as well as a critical requirement of Sarbanes-Oxley and other financial regulations.)

Maintain accurate records of historical information and forecast the impact of planned changes without affecting current business status.

Improve resource deployment and internal recruiting for open positions with a single view of employees across your business. A single employee data table provides a complete history and status across legal entities and countries.

Automatically assign records with a start and end date for a complete and accurate history of your employees. Facilitate budgeting and reporting with retroactive processing and assign future dates to automatically implement changes in status or benefits (even mid–pay period).

Define even the most complex rules for payroll, including pay periods, deductions, job classifications, and work rules. Rules-based calculations also support multiple abour contracts simultaneously. You no longer need to extract data to a spread sheet or use a third-party solution to calculate pay, deductions, and benefits.

Multiple instances of a pay code, for example garnishees are supported.

Employee allowances for example, can be inherited by virtue of the fact that the employee is linked to a specific project where this is a requirement, rather than having to be linked at an employee level.

PAYSIS wizard-driven approach ensures business processes are adhered to for pay runs and payments.


Facilitate budgeting and reporting with retroactive processing and assign future dates to automatically implement changes in status or benefits – even mid pay periods.

PAYSIS facilitates the handling of payroll for employees who work in multiple locations, performing multiple jobs and at multiple rates and with different benefits etc.