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SIS Global and North-West University Pioneer the Future of Academic Honesty with the Launch of Academia Integritas 

Date Published: 29 May 2024

SIS Global, in a landmark collaboration with North-West University (NWU), proudly introduces Academia Integritas, a cutting-edge software designed to safeguard the sanctity of academic integrity in educational institutions. This pioneering solution was showcased at a recent HEITSA (Higher Education Information Technology South Africa) webinar, garnering enthusiastic feedback and marked interest from numerous South African universities and colleges, with a sharp focus on nurturing Academic Integrity. 

Ian Bayley, Global Education Head at SIS Global, joined forces with NWU’s own Professor Anné H. Verhoef to highlight the critical role of academic integrity in today’s education sphere. They emphasized the synergy between NWU’s research-driven approach and SIS Global’s market acumen, culminating in this timely innovation. With three decades of commitment to educational excellence, SIS Global celebrates this partnership with NWU, bringing to market a solution poised to enhance academic quality and honesty. 

Redefining the Paradigm of Academic Integrity  

Academia Integritas emerges as a standout feature within Edu365, SIS Global’s all-encompassing ERP platform for higher education, and is also available as an independent entity. Developed in response to the escalating issues of academic fraud, exacerbated by the latest AI technologies, Academia Integritas is a robust solution integrated within a system that adeptly manages the student lifecycle in its entirety. 

A Collaborative Journey Towards Innovation  

Professor Verhoef shed light on the rigorous journey undertaken since 2021 to develop Academia Integritas, involving a consortium of academics and students to ensure the tool effectively tackles the challenges posed by the real academic environment. The solution is crafted to foster an academic culture rooted in integrity, with a foundation of legal robustness and a conducive learning atmosphere. 

Addressing the Evolving Educational Landscape 

The impetus for Academia Integritas was sparked by the challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic and the advent of sophisticated AI technologies, highlighting the critical need for reliable academic integrity solutions. 

Dismaying statistics from the Center for Academic Integrity reveal that around 80% of tertiary students have engaged in cheating, with 17% utilizing essay-writing services, while a staggering 58% of high school students confessed to plagiarism. Further studies, including one from Rutgers University, indicate a troubling increase in academic dishonesty, with 64% of students admitting to cheating on tests. 

The Advantages of Academia Integritas 

Deterrence: A transparent reporting framework that actively discourages academic dishonesty. 
Prevention: Educates and raises awareness to pre-empt potential violations of academic principles. 
Compliance: Assures adherence to the highest legal and educational standards. 
Education: Enhances the understanding and appreciation of academic integrity among the academic community. 

A Leap Forward in Academic Integrity 

Academia Integritas stands as a beacon of progress in the preservation of scholastic honesty. Through its emphasis on deterrence, prevention, compliance, and education, it endeavours to maintain exemplary academic standards and instil a pervasive culture of integrity. 

For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact:

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North West University
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About SIS Global

SIS Global is a leading Global Education System Integrator (GESI), renowned for its expertise in devising, designing, and executing transformative IT strategies and solutions tailored for educational institutions worldwide.

About North West University

North West University is a prominent South African institution committed to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, fostering a culture of integrity and innovation in education. The latest Global 2000 list, which is published by the CWUR, places the NWU among the top 4,2% of the world’s best universities.

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