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SIS Global Secures Preferred Supplier Status on APUC Framework for Student Information Management Systems and Associated Services

Date Published: 11 October 2023

SIS Global, a leading Global Education System Integrator (GESI), is pleased to announce that it has been officially ranked as one of 6 suppliers on the APUC Framework – ITS1050 AP Lot 1 and Lot 2. This framework, managed by APUC (Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges), serves as the procurement centre of expertise for Scotland’s universities and colleges. The ITS1050 framework empowers Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to procure student information management systems and associated services from approved suppliers.
Universities can benefit by procuring software from SIS Global via the APUC (Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges) framework. For the following reasons:

  • The framework offers reassurance that SIS Global is included in a carefully selected group of vendors, enabling universities to access reliable and high-quality software solutions. This diminishes the risk of making ill-advised procurement decisions and empowers institutions to choose a trusted option.
  • Utilizing the APUC framework streamlines the procurement process, saving valuable time and resources for the university. Negotiating contracts becomes more efficient, and administrative burdens are minimized, allowing staff to focus on core academic activities.
  • Procuring through the framework often leads to cost savings due to pre-negotiated and favourable pricing terms with vendors, enabling universities to allocate their budgets more strategically.
  • The framework promotes transparency and compliance, ensuring that universities adhere to regulatory requirements while making well-informed software procurement decisions.

Overall, leveraging the APUC framework to procure software not only facilitates access to cutting-edge solutions but also optimizes the entire procurement journey, benefiting universities in their pursuit of academic excellence.

Ian Bayley, Head of Education at SIS Global, expressed his delight at the achievement, stating, “We are thrilled to be ranked as a framework supplier with our Edu365 product offering on the prestigious ITS1050 framework which offers universities and FE colleges access to vetted, high-quality solutions, streamlines the procurement process, leads to cost savings with pre-negotiated pricing, and ensures transparency and compliance with regulation”.

Beyond the current scope of the ITS1050 APUC framework, SIS Global is in a unique position to be able to deliver a full ERP solution for higher education that incorporates a full Student Information System and a complete Education focused financial solution leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics technology stack. The APUC framework appointment solidifies SIS Global’s commitment to delivering exceptional solutions and underscores its reputation as a trusted partner within the education sector.

For more information on SIS Global Student Information System Edu365, click here.

About SIS Global:

SIS Global is a premier technology services provider, dedicated to helping businesses evolve and thrive in the digital age. As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner (CSP) we offer cutting-edge solutions, including digital transformation, cloud services, software development, IT consulting, and managed services. With our expertise, customer-centric approach, and proven track record, we deliver solutions across multiple industries that drive tangible results.

Media Contact: Marina Cervantes, Marketing Manager


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