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End-to-End Solution

SIS Global’s 360° Real Estate for Microsoft Dynamics 365, is one fully integrated solution designed for property operators, tenants and owners to manage leases, cost recoveries, inspections, maintenance, safety, accounting and purchasing and more.

360° Real Estate delivers to you a future proof and flexible solution, built on Microsoft Azure, which provides insights required to successfully improve the performance of your real estate investments and to seamlessly manage your property and facilities with familiar Microsoft software, architected within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations platform.

Key Modules

Lease Management

Our comprehensive Lease Management module covers functions like leasing of residential, office and retail space or a mix of these if required. The solution supports the entire lease lifecycle from creation, quote management to end-of-lease and is fully integrated into Dynamics 365 for Operations, whilst leveraging the power and functionality of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, ultimately boosting efficiency, reducing costs and speeding up operations.

Property Marketing & Sales

Execute and measure campaigns across multiple channels, from start to finish, to bring your marketing vision to life. You can engage customers one on one across channels (email, digital, social, SMS, and traditional), build your sales pipeline and demonstrate the impact of your marketing investments in real time.

SLA & Vendor Management

Vendor management enables organizations to define more specialized vendor categories, apply vendor restrictions and manage vendor certifications, providing enhanced capabilities for collaboration with vendors. In addition, greater alignment of vendor management with the Microsoft Dynamics security framework allows companies to effectively manage and update their vendor master data and Service Level Agreements.

Preferred vendor contracts relating to the supply of goods and services can be created which manages pricing and agreed service levels. Functionalities include: Template driven vendor SLA / contract management, Automatic creation of purchase orders with agreed pricing on generation of works orders, View of Vendor spend across individual or multiple properties.

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management module focuses on two key areas. The first centres around maintenance and soft services, where you are able to manage your maintenance requirements, manage corrective, planned and predictive maintenance and manage scheduled workload, amongst many other functions.

The module also focuses on the Asset Management environment which drives the definition, optimisation and reporting of all property and related equipment. It provides you with real time access and visibility of your property register which can be grouped by owner, location, portfolio Manager or status.

Tenant Management

Tenant management focus on managing all interactions with tenants. The core tenant process is based on Dynamics CRM integrated into Dynamics AX for delivering crucial back office information such as payment history, lease status, maintenance work and more.

The Tenant Management module focuses on delivering a single platform where the tenant is at the heart of all communication and interaction with the Property Management Company. Functionalities include: Sourcing new tenants, Lease extensions, Tenant retention, Tenant portal, Notification of expiring leases, Lease termination, Early terminations, Security deposit refunds, Late payment management with or without interest accrual. Single view of all tenant communications.

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Occupational Health & Safety

Organisations today face an ever-increasing burden of managing risks and complying with a myriad of regulations. That is why our Occupational Health and Safety module provides an enterprise-wide solution to your workplace health and safety data management needs through:

  • An implementation of an Enterprise Risk Management best practices based platform
  • The creation of a single, integrated system of record
  • The provision of real-time visibility
  • Compliance with Health, Safety and Environmental regulations with capabilities to capture, record, investigate and audit HS&E issues.
  • Audit Management allows efficient consolidation of disparate audit requirements and results.

Enable the management of all safety tasks, inspections as well as the registration and management of all safety, environment and health incidents. 


Risk Management

Facing risks is inevitable, and taking risks should not be something you dread. The question is how much of a specific risk are we willing to take? Understanding corporate and property related risks and the active management and mitigation of the bespoke is crucial for the modern-day enterprise.

Our Risk Management module enables the definition of risk profiles, risk appetite and the management of all registered risks across the enterprise.  In addition, the focus is on a cost reduction and an efficiency enhancement to your governance, risk and compliance activities.


Investor Relationship Management

The Investor Relationship module focuses on delivering a single platform where the Investor is at the heart of all communication and interaction with the Property Management company. Functionalities include: Soliciting Investors, Investment Funds, Investment Portfolios, Investor relationships and Fund Distribution Pay-outs.

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Project and Construction Management

Our contraction and project management module primarily focus on the on-time delivery, cost tracking and capitalization of Real Estate construction and upgrade projects. The module easily integrates into the Microsoft environment with applications like Project and Excel and has the ability to support multiple project types. We can also manage project hierarchies even when there are different project types and when you can maintain a project roll up P&L within the hierarchies. In addition, completed projects can be capitalised to the asset register.Azure Diagram-01