Streamlining Real Estate – Drive Efficiency Through Innovation

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Driving efficiency through innovation in Real Estate

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How does your organisation adapt and transition into this new digital world?

Case Studies

Stellenbosch Case Study

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Reducing research admin. Increasing contract compliance.
Research Contract Management for Stellenbosch University


360° Enterprise Asset Management

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Our Enterprise Asset Management system works within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 framework. Eliminate the challenges associated with a disparate technology model.

Our Customer Service and Support Promise Brochure

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SIS Global offers a comprehensive and flexible set of Support Service Packages, enhancing system effectiveness and enabling you to focus on your core business.

Recharge Manager Brochure

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Recharge Manager is a cloud-based solution, leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud, giving peace of mind and a secure experience across the workplace.

The System Integrator Disruptor

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SIS Global is a truly global system integrator. Over two decades, our experts have amassed a wealth of unrivalled knowledge and expertise.


Reinvent Business Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365

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To stand out from the competition, businesses need to make every minute count and every customer engagement shine.

New Culture of Work

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In ways large and small, our lives are being changed by digital technology. Ever-present mobile devices enable us to work from anywhere and stay in touch with the people we care about and the information we need from everywhere.

4th Industrial Revolution

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To stay competitive, organizations should pivot toward “rapid incrementalism”— incrementally altering existing structures to make the most of what is already in place.

Evolve your ERP

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More than half of companies utilising an ERP are relying on an out-of-date solution – and it’s impacting their profitability.

Microsoft Teams

Day in the life – Sales

Day in the life – Marketing

Teams – Bringing you the hub for teamwork

Microsoft Teams Infographic