Technology Assessment

Because SIS Global understand and keeps abreast of trends and best practice advancements and changes, we can identify any gaps that may be present in your organization’s technology implementations and future strategies. Our Technology Assessment does this by:

  1. Understanding the technology your organization currently has,
  2. Understanding your technology strategy, or draw one up if not present,
  3. Recommends and provides costing for changes or gaps, including services using our IT professionals.

Technical Leadership

With the rapid and ever-changing landscape of technologies, SIS Global provides leadership by keeping abreast of trends and technology best practice advancements.  This allows your organization to concentrate on what you do best.  Our services include all those included in the Digital Transformation above, but also:

  1. Leadership on Technology projects,
  2. Technical advice and guidance, and
  3. Representation at Executive Level to ensure Technical strategic planning is included.

Project Recovery

Because so many implementation projects fail, due to the complexity and organizational challenges, SIS Global offers Project Recovery services.  These services are designed to acknowledge the good that was done on implementation and address the challenges.  We are well positioned to do this because of our 25+ years of experience delivering projects and having learned from our documented lessons from each project, can provide understanding and services at the appropriate level.

Our services include all the same services as an ERP implementation, but also includes up-front executive services and hand-over activities from the previous implementation team.

IT Specialists

SIS Global has identified that it is very difficult to keep abreast of technology changes and to keep your IT staff up to date on these changes.  Because we have our finger on the pulse of the Global IT marketplace and have key partnerships, our IT staff are constantly being trained on these trends and changes.  Our services include:

  1. Network implementations – maintaining existing server implementations, advising on changes required, including identified security concerns, and,
  2. Network administration – troubleshooting day to day user issues, connectivity, PC and peripherals setup and server monitoring.

ERP Implementations

We have been performing ERP implementations for 25+ years.  We acknowledge the difficulty around ERP implementations as it involves changing the ‘heart’ of your organization. We, therefore, treat every implementation with respect, and our services include:

  1. Project Direction,
  2. Project Management,
  3. Solution Architecture,
  4. Change Management (Excluding Organizational Change Management),
  5. Specialized Consulting,
  6. Detailed Business Analysis,
  7. Data Management,
  8. Bespoke or Application Development, and
  9. Technical Consulting (Including integrations).

Digital Transformation

SIS Global lives by the belief that Digital Transformation is more about people than technology.  While we use Digital technologies to enable organizations to overcome traditional challenges, our focus is on ensuring that the daily experiences of the people in these organizations are made better by our advice and implementation.  We embrace the ethos of partnership and ensure that the most important consideration of the Digital Transformation is what’s best for our customers.  Our services in Digital Transformation includes, and not limited to:

  1. Solution Architecture in all spheres, technical, business application and organizational.
  2. Strategic Planning, whether it be regarding specific applications or overall technologies such as migration to the cloud.
  3. Technology Partnership Management, where we are able to advise on the best way to leverage licensing in line with the strategy of your organization.

Change Management

One of the biggest challenges to any implementation is the ability for people in an organization to change behavior to include the new steps in a process as required by their job description.  We believe that change is a matter of practice and feeling as if you’ve had a voice in the right way to achieve something.  Therefore, our Change Management services focus on the involvement of all employees from the inception of the project, via workshops and meetings.  Our services include:

  1. Strategic guidance in the communication to all employees,
  2. Assist with drafting the message to represent the project,
  3. Help facilitate the workshops where all users’ needs are communicated to the superuser, and,
  4. Ongoing monitoring of the organization environment, and tweaking of the project message as required.

Business Process Re-engineering

Because of changes to best practices and technologies, the efficiency of business processes does deteriorate over time.  SIS Global offers services to re-evaluate the efficiency of these business processes in line with both the current business strategy, as well as the evolving world of technology.  These services include:

  1. Understanding of current technologies and strategies,
  2. Mapping of the current business processes to Level 5,
  3. Mapping of the future business processes to Level 5, highlighting changes required, and
  4. Strategic communication around these changes in conjunction with a Change Management team.