The System Integration Disruptor

SIS Global has transformed the traditional system integrator model. Thanks to cloud technologies, we operate in a virtual way. By using the very latest online collaboration tools, we’ve eliminated the need to work face-to-face with our clients. When you partner with us, you have immediate access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from all around the world. In other words, we might not be working in your offices, but we guarantee results.

It’s all about providing you with virtual, dynamic solutions, rather than being limited by a fixed team of people in one room. There are multiple benefits to this partnership approach. For starters, time and cost spent on travel is dramatically reduced. But the real advantage is our flexibility to suit your requirements.


Truly global

SIS Global is a truly global system integrator. Over two decades, our experts have amassed a wealth of unrivalled knowledge and expertise. Today, we’re adept in the delivery of powerful system integration services around the world. Our team is dedicated to implementing large-scale services that are fully integrated around a powerful solution stack from Microsoft and partners such as Unit4.

Following hundreds of global implementations, we’ve gained extensive experience in delivering business management solutions. We’ll build your solutions within the Microsoft Dynamics platform, so everything’s connected and available across your entire business. Then it’s all hosted on Azure, the world’s most secure cloud offering from Microsoft.

“Without doubt, we are truly global. However, we’re not the biggest solution integrator in the world. We don’t have thousands of employees. What we do have is the focused expertise and agility to gain a deeper understanding of our clients. Ultimately, we deliver solutions to optimise their organisations with collaborative and remote working models via cloud.”

Rob Hawley, CEO, SIS Global

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Work packages

Enabled by the cloud, work packages are the future of ERP. We deliver fluid work packages across large-scale international roll-outs. We can pick up and manage whole streams of your work, such as procurement to pay, order to receipt, development and integration. In a small implementation of 20 users, for instance, procurement would be managed by a single consultant. But on a large-scale international roll-out, you’d need a work-stream of many people with different skills and expertise to deliver the correct procurement processes. We’ll manage that entire work-stream for you with the right level of expertise throughout for optimum results.

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Project recovery

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One of our key strengths is our ability to intervene and recover failed projects, especially projects that have been started by other system integrators. We specialise in rolling out large-scale solutions and services across multiple countries. Our experts have the right skillsets in all the right areas – from finance, procurement and sales through to data migration and integration. So, we’re ideally positioned to rescue your failing project, bring your systems back on track, and drive your project through to successful completion.


The cloud enables us to deliver truly global solutions. We deliver all our services via Azure, Microsoft’s trusted cloud platform, and we have associates and partners located in various countries around the world. The cloud is enabling organisations to start small and grow rapidly, and in terms of integration, everything’s happening faster. We’ll help you to adopt solutions that continually add more functionality in line with your business growth.

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One of the reasons customers love us is our ability to speak their language. This is largely down to the fact that we concentrate on certain industries. Our deep understanding of our clients is backed by the professionalism and value that we bring to every project we embark on. It’s important for us to know our customers and we always aim to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

What makes us different?

With the cloud, the latest technology, years of expertise, our partners and our unrivalled expertise, we can successfully deliver system integration services from and to anywhere in the world.


What’s more, we can deliver globally, across multiple streams.