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Whether you’re implementing an entirely new enterprise application or consolidating, upgrading or modernising an existing one, a strong focus on data migration is essential to your overall project success. Data Migration is often more complex than most people realise, often requiring more effort than anticipated which results in projects exceeding both time and budget.

Years of experience in implementing solutions ranging in complexity and size have given SIS Global the proficiencies to successfully manage the Data Migration requirements of your business. Specialising in the full Data Migration process we can tailor our services around your unique needs, mitigating the risks involved with unclean, unformatted data, data that is unknown or undocumented, quality issues and information residing in legacy systems.

Our success in Data Migration can be attributed to our deliver approach and capacity to mitigate risk from early on in the Data Migration Process. Our iterative approach ensures that at each test phase data is thoroughly reviewed and cleaned before the next phase can take place. Through our tried and tested approach we can save you time and money, reduce your project risks and boost your productivity.