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The SIS Global Solution for the Financial Services Industry delivers rich functionality throughout the credit lifecycle from account acquisitions, account management through to early and late stage collections. Powered by the Microsoft Dynamics platform, its layered architecture presents all the benefits of a packaged solution with the added flexibility to expand and modify processes tailored for your specific business requirements.

The base layer provides core functionality typically shared across areas of specialisation within the Financial Services industry.  This layer is then configured to form a secondary layer to address the unique requirements of the various areas of specialisation within financial services

The third and final layer allows for tailored configuration which is typically unique to your business requirements.  This ease of customisation coupled with core ERP capabilities in a single global solution, promotes rapid time-to-value presenting significant cost advantages for your business.

The SIS Global Solution for the Financial Services Industry has been preconfigured for an array of financial service specialisations, accommodating several classes of financial agreements.


Account AcquisitionAccount ManagementCollections

Leads, Prospecting and Opportunity management
Sales and finance application management
Credit and Application vetting
Contract authoring, activation and disbursement Management


Contract administration
Asset administration
Customer management

Strategy management
Customer communication
Customer data management

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For a comprehensive overview of The SIS Global Solution for the Financial Services Industry, please visit our product website OneCore, Finance, Leasing, and Credit Management Solutions.