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implementation services

No matter how good the software, the success or failure of any project often comes down to how well your partner understands your business, your industry, your unique requirements, your people and your processes, the methodology and the team doing the implementation.

At SIS Global we pride ourselves on being able to ensure the success of your investment by delivering your business goals and staying within budget. Having successfully delivered more than 200 implementations across the globe, covering a variety of industries and software applications, we are confident that we can deliver yours!

What sets us apart from our competitors is our approach to solution delivery. Years of experience and a substantial network of both local and international partners gives SIS Global an unprecedented advantage when it comes to delivering industry specific solutions. Respecting an inclusive and consultative approach to solution delivery, SIS Global consultants, working directly with customers, report on a regular basis to a central solutions team, ensuring that at all times both SIS Global standards and international best practices are being upheld. Should uncertainties arise, these matters are escalated to SIS Global partners within their relevant communities and subsequently the software vendor, should the need arise.

When implementing industry specific solutions, SIS Global openly engages with specialists in these fields, bringing additional expertise to an already experienced central solutions team. These specialists are available for the duration of the project, imparting skills, best practice, quality assurance and valuable input at key stages throughout the implementation.

As a leading systems integrator SIS Global has the ability and knowhow to implement small to enterprise size projects ranging in complexity. Our solution delivery approach; approved implementation methodology and mature and experienced team will ensure success at every stage of your project implementation.

Before embarking on any project, the SIS Global Central Solutions Team will sit down with you to establish:

  • Executive management commitment
  • Adequate and realistic budgeting
  • Adequate change management and training requirements
  • The experience of your project management and project teams
  • Your position on solution modifications and non-standard functionality

Once these 5 critical success factors are understood we can successfully mitigate some of the risks often associated with an implementation project.

SIS Global has adopted the Microsoft Dynamic Sure Step Methodology, an internationally recognized and approved implementation practice, aligned to PMBOK standards as advocated by the Project Management Institute (PMI).