Unit4 Student Management

Next-gen Student Information System

Unit4 Student Management is a next-generation student information system for colleges and universities that combines the latest technology with 30 years’ experience working with education institutions. Part of Unit4’s fully integrated Education solutions, it simplifies and reduces your system support costs, provides your students with an intuitive mobile experience, and supports your strategic initiatives with actionable data drawn from
built-in analytics. In short, it greatly increases the ROI of replacing your legacy student information system.



Unlimited course enrollment flexibility and streamlined curriculum management


Business Analytics

Support strategic initiatives with actionable data from built-in analytics


Automate your outreach campaigns and streamline your application process


CRM for Everyone

Gain a 360-degree view of constituents across the entire student lifecycle

Student Life

Provide students with everything they need to manage their academic affairs


Financial Aid & Scholarships

Manage financial aid, scholarships and grants quickly and efficiently


Securely and effectively perform all academic transactions



Build relationships and raise funds with alumni and donors

System Manager

Run your campus securely and efficiently with a next-generation student information system

Digital Transformation


Modern, Comprehensive Technology

You need modern, comprehensive technology solutions to power institutional growth, boost student success, and improve institutional effectiveness. Success in each area is important, but world-class institutions succeed in all.

Unit4 Student Management helps you succeed with transformative features and benefits.

Provide a superior user experience for your students and staff, combined with workflow support tools that liberate your administrative and IT staff for higher-value functions.

Deliver visibility into departments and projects with powerful reporting and analytics tools that support data-driven decision making.
Update strategies and processes quickly and easily without expensive IT intervention, lowering your total cost of ownership versus legacy systems.
Implement quicker and easier, so your resources go towards institutional excellence, not systems upkeep.

Enterprise Technology that Drives Engagement


Accelerate Institutional Growth

Attract more students, and build and nurture relationships with alumni and donors


Boost Student Success

Help your students stay on track by providing everything they need to succeed


Improve Institutional Effectiveness

Automate the entire student lifecycle and eliminate the expense of managing disparate systems

Build stronger relationships with prospects, students, alumni and donors

Unit4 Student Management provides you with the tools you need to build relationships across the entire student lifecycle, as well as with external partners and patrons.

With configurable, drag-and-drop workflows you can employ data-driven marketing strategies to automate outreach campaigns based on prospect, alumnus or donor behavior. And since the same CRM application is available throughout the institution to any user of the system, you can gain a true 360-degree view of an individual as they progress from potential applicant, to student, to alumnus, to potential donor – a relationship that may last for decades.

Unit4 Student Management also supports your needs to expand program offerings for today’s non-traditional learner, a key constituent for any growth strategy. With unlimited course enrollment flexibility, you’re no longer tethered to just term-driven enrollment processes and can offer any type of course registration.

Empower your institution

Unit4’s deep understanding of the education sector has led us to develop solutions that directly empower your college or university to deliver results. No matter your institution’s size or complexity, Unit4 Student Management positions your institution to thrive in a disruptive, yet exciting and mission-based environment.

Lower your total cost of ownership through an adaptable architecture that enables your staff to update strategies and processes quickly and easily without expensive IT intervention.

Liberate your staff for higher-value functions through a superior user experience and workflow support tools.
Support data-driven decision making with powerful reporting and analytics tools.
Implement quicker and easier, so your resources go towards institutional excellence, not systems upkeep.
Whatever your priorities, Unit4 will equip your institution to meet its challenges today and into the future.


With a next-generation cloud solution

Unit4 Student Management is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that eliminates all the unnecessary expenses and worries of operating an IT infrastructure and frees up your resources to deliver on your institution’s vision. It provides offsite hosting and complete administration of the full application and supporting infrastructure.

Relieve internal staffing challenges. Offload the challenges of assembling and maintaining internal staff to manage your student information system, freeing resources to focus on higher-value institutional priorities.

Take advantage of the latest technology. We assume responsibility for ensuring the application is up-to-date so you can adopt new software features as soon as they are released, helping you realize the maximum value from your investment.

Reduce your up-front cost. Get up and running without large up-front costs associated with on-premise installations. With a regular subscription payment, you get access to all functionality and no longer have to deal with disruptive and expensive upgrade cycles.

Improve performance and reliability; reduce risk. Our application, datacenter and business continuity expertise ensures solid and safe performance, while lowering risk with hosting infrastructure that resolves problems before you are affected.

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