Webinar: Business Series


Managing facilities remotely, efficiently and in real-time

Webinar Date:

  • Tuesday 4th June

  • Tuesday 2nd July

Webinar Time: (GMT +2)

  • 11:00am Start

  • 11:45am QA

  • 12:00pm Finish

Webinar Details

Join SIS Global to explore how their Facilities Management solutions are driving greater efficiencies, replacing manual, time consuming processes with mobile and automation whilst improving and strengthening communications between tenant and management and improving overall response times and completeness of maintenance and repairs. Not forgetting remote monitoring and alerts.

Webinar Topics

Responsive Maintenance via GPS

    Location & Asset Identification

    Route Planning

Real Time Data, Analysis and Updates, anytime, anywhere

Improving overall Tenant communication and customer satisfaction

Mobile Capability

    Site Inspections

    Work order Scheduling

    Work order Resolution and Recording

    Reporting of Incidents

IoT Remote Monitoring

Areas Covered

Site Inspections
Work Order Scheduling
Work Order Resolution
Reporting of Incidents
IoT Remote Monitoring

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Join SIS Global to explore how their real estate solutions are helping to transform other housing associations and property operators.