Webinar: Streamlining Real Estate


Streamlining Real Estate – Drive Efficiency Through Innovation

Webinar Date:

  • Thursday 16th May

Webinar Time: (GMT +4)

  • 15:00am Start

  • 15:45am QA

  • 16:00pm Finish

Webinar Details

One of the most prominent challenges for Real Estate organizations is that they do not have a single version of the truth to allow them to make informed decisions. This is primarily caused by disparate data from different sources and multiple systems managing various parts of the business.

Join us for the webinar with SIS Global to learn how you can efficiently manage the lifecycle of your real estate portfolio and deliver a modern user experience with a 360° view of the estate using one fully integrated, future-proof and flexible solution. Discover how you can:

  • Eliminate lengthy data consolidation processes
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Ensure employees have data-driven insights at their fingertips to be able to make sound business & operational decisions

‘360° Real Estate’ is a cloud-based solution designed to provide the business intelligence required to successfully improve the performance of your real estate investments and seamlessly manage all your property and facilities. Used by property operators, tenants, and owners, the solution allows to manage leases, cost recoveries, inspections, maintenance, health and safety, accounting, purchasing and so much more.


  •    Addressing challenges across your Real Estate portfolio
  •    Integrating and Streamlining Front Office & Back Office Operations
  •    Estate, Tenant, Facilities, Lease, Corporate
  •    360° Real Estate Solution outputs and opportunities
  •    SIS Global Real Estate and Microsoft Dynamics 365
  •    Live Q&A

Areas Covered

Portfolio Challenges
Front Office Operations
Back Office Operations
360° Real Estate Solution
Estate, Tenant, Facilities, Lease, Corporate

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