Webinar: Business Series


Transforming Solutions for Real Estate

Webinar Date:

  • Tuesday 28th May

  • Thursday 27th June

Webinar Time: (GMT +2)

  • 11:00am Start

  • 11:45am QA

  • 12:00pm Finish

Webinar Details

Join SIS Global to explore how their solutions for real estate are driving digital transformation and transforming the likes of property operators and housing associations.

Webinar Topics

Asset Management

Maintenance Management

Explore how the SIS Global Real Estate solution will achieve accurate, responsive and planned maintenance, saving time and money, achieving SLA’s and improving overall service levels, safety and accountability.

  • Managing assets across your entire estate
  • Automating and securing documentation including but not limited to, warranties, service manuals, repairs history.
  • Real time information, one view of the truth and a full picture of the management of assets
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Ad-hoc Maintenance
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Emergency Registrations, tasks and recordings and despatching workforce quickly and easily
  • Tracking and reporting on 3rd Party service providers against SLA’s

Built on Microsoft Azure and within Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology, SIS Global Real Estate is a fully integrated, cloud-based modular solution designed to deliver a future proof and flexible solution providing the necessary insights required, to successfully improve the performance of your real estate investments and seamlessly manage all your property requirements, facilities, assets, leases and maintenance, responsive and planned.

Areas Covered

Building Assets
Warranty Management
Workforce Scheduling
3rd party Service Providers
Service Level Agreements

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Join SIS Global to explore how their real estate solutions are helping to transform other housing associations and property operators.