SIS Global management board’s commitment to information security is provided for in the Information Security Policy. It is aligned with the organisation’s business goals and will take into account the internal and external issues affecting the organisation and the requirements of interested parties. 

SIS Global is committed to the development and maintenance of an Information Security Management System (“ISMS”) and has developed this Information Security Policy to:- 

  • Provide a framework by which the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Company’s information assets can be maintained.

  • Ensure that employees comply with the policy and be adequately trained in the Company’s standards and security procedures.

  • Ensure that all breaches of information security are reported, investigated and appropriate action taken where required.

  • Ensure that supporting ISMS policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and continual improvement is maintained to ensure progressive good working practices and procedures.

  • Optimize the management of risks, by preventing and minimizing the impact of Information Security incidents.

Occasionally the Information Security Policy adopted will have to be updated in order to keep up with the most current regulations. Such updates will be communicated.

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