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Leading Tech Giants Unite to Launch Transforming Higher Education with Data-Driven Solutions

Date Published: 19 March 2024

Fusion the Apps People, a brand of SIS Global has teamed up with Frequency Foundry Inc. (The Foundry) and Analytikus LLC (Analytikus), to launch, a collaborative partner and customer community aimed at advancing the Microsoft education accelerator and Open Education Analytics for higher education institutions. The community will harness the unique expertise of the three organizations to drive standardization and modernization of the education data model, enabling partners to develop innovative, compatible solutions and empowering higher education institutions to gain valuable insights and enhance the student experience. represents a significant milestone in the advancement of education technology, bringing together industry leaders to foster a non-competitive, open community focused on data enabled student success. By leveraging the combined strengths of The Foundry, Analytikus, and SIS Global, the community is poised to make substantial contributions to the standardization and modernization of the education data model, enabling partners and higher education institutions to achieve new levels of success.

The Foundry’s expertise in student lifecycle CRM solutions will provide invaluable insight into the student journey, empowering institutions to effectively manage and engage with students throughout their student lifecycle. Analytikus’ proficiency in artificial intelligence and Machine Learning will play a pivotal role in driving data-driven decision-making and enabling institutions to leverage advanced analytics to enhance student outcomes.  SIS Global’s deep expertise in developing, designing and implementing transformational IT strategies to the education sector will ensure this collaboration remains at the forefront of technological innovation. SIS Global’s groundbreaking flagship product, Edu365, a modern ERP for higher education, is leading the way.

“Microsoft was the catalyst in bringing partners together to build solutions on a common data model with higher education institutions standing to benefit. Today, we carry on the work started by Microsoft as a community and make a testament to the power of collaboration and shared expertise in driving meaningful change in the education sector,” said Shekar Kadaba, Chief Experience Officer at Frequency Foundry. “By uniting our strengths, we are committed to empowering higher education institutions to embrace innovation and achieve transformative outcomes for students.”

The community’s focus on standardization and the continued modernization of the education data model will create a foundation for partners to build cutting-edge, compatible solutions that address the evolving needs of higher education institutions.

“Our commitment to innovation is reflected in the investments we’ve made to align Edu365 with the education accelerator. The synergy of Edu365’s AI data driven insights and streamlined functionality guarantees that our solution remains at the forefront of transformation”, said Robert Hawley, Chief Executive Officer, at SIS Global.

Through this collaborative effort, is set to become a hub for best practices, knowledge sharing, and thought leadership in the education technology space.

“We are excited to be part of this groundbreaking initiative that aims to elevate the education industry through collaborative innovation,” said Miguel Molina-Coscuella, CEO at Analytikus. “ will build on the work done within the Open Education Analytics team and serve as the foundation to transform data into real insights on enrollment and retention.”

As the community continues to evolve, will remain dedicated to fostering a culture of openness, cooperation, and progress in the education technology landscape. By working together, the community seeks to empower higher education institutions to unlock the full potential of their data and technology, ultimately enhancing the student experience and driving positive outcomes.

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